Conestoga College Student Strike Relief Fund

The Student Strike Relief Fund provides assistance for students who have experienced financial hardship as a result of the strike, and who remain registered in the fall 2017 semester. The fund is consistent with the framework developed by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development in consultation with student leaders and colleges.

Students who submit a request to withdraw from their program by December 5, 2017 can apply for a full refund of their tuition. They will not be eligible for any additional support through the Student Strike Relief Fund. Students must withdraw in writing by submitting a signed Withdrawal Form to the Registrar’s Office or the International Office by December 5, stating the strike as the reason for their withdrawal.


Full-time domestic and international students who remain enrolled in their program and who have unexpected incremental (additional) costs because of the strike are eligible to apply to the Student Strike Relief Fund. Apprentices completing their in-school training are also eligible to apply.

Students will be eligible to receive up to $500 for unexpected incremental costs. Incremental costs are additional expenses that students only have as a result of the strike. Examples include:

  • Incremental travel costs (costs of rescheduling plane, train or bus tickets)
  • Incremental living expenses (including food and housing)
  • Incremental childcare expenses
  • Other incremental essential expenses occurring as a result of the strike

Lost wages are not considered an expense and cannot be claimed through the strike fund. However, Conestoga recognizes that students may face hardship because of lost work opportunities during the strike and invites students to use the appeal process to apply for extra assistance.

Examples of questions to consider when completing the application:

  • Incremental travel costs
    Did you purchase a bus pass for January that you otherwise would not have needed to purchase? As a result of the strike, were you required to return to finish your semester in January where you wouldn’t have had to otherwise? What essential additional costs did you have?
    Did you have costs associated with flight changes or cancellations that the College was unable to assist you with by making academic accommodation,.e.g., rescheduling a test to prevent interfering with your flight?
  • Incremental living expenses (including food and housing)
    Were you required to extend rentals or leases due to the change to the end of the academic semester? (e.g. expected December graduation, or students leaving on placements in January)
    Do you need to purchase additional food due to the semester extension?
  • Incremental childcare expenses
    Were you required to pay for someone to care for your child(ren) outside of the times you already made arrangements because of changes to your student timetable?
  • Other incremental expenses
    Do you have other essential expenses that occurred as a result of the strike that you would not have had otherwise? Please specify the expense and the reason.

Students must complete the application form and include supporting documentation as evidence of the extra costs. Examples include, but are not limited to, train ticket change fees, rental agreements, receipts for childcare expenses, a letter from a landlord, a copy of a post-dated cheque.

The financial assistance that students receive from this fund will not impact their OSAP or Second Career funding or eligibility.

In assessing Student Strike Relief Fund applications, the College may consider other forms of financial aid the student receives for living expenses (e.g., OSAP, Second Career).

Application Process

Applications for reimbursement must be submitted to the College no later than April 27, 2018. A review of applications will begin after December 5, 2017.

Using the table on the next page, please identify the unexpected incremental expenses that you have because of the strike. Please upload all supporting documents to this form.

To begin the application, click the CLICK TO APPLY button below. Please fill out the fields in the form, as well as upload supporting documents for the categories you're making a claim for. Once filled out, please click the SUBMIT button ONCE.

Processing and Payment

Payments will be released after the December 5th withdrawal deadline, and students will receive information on where they may pick up their payments. Only students who remain enrolled in a full time program in the fall 2017 semester are eligible to receive support from the strike relief fund.


If you disagree with the amount awarded by the strike relief fund, or you have expenses exceeding the $500 fund limit, you may complete a bursary application found on the Student Financial Services website (for both domestic and international students). If you have questions, please contact Student Financial Services or the International Office.


By submitting this application, I certify that all information provided in this application is true, accurate and fully complete to the best of my knowledge. By accepting up to $500 compensation for my incremental expenses, I agree that I will not seek to recover in any other forum or proceeding a duplicate payment for the same incremental expenses that Conestoga College has compensated me for. Further, by accepting up to $500 compensation for my incremental expenses, I agree and acknowledge that Conestoga College does not admit any liability in relation to the strike. I also give the college permission to share this information with those who are making decisions about my application.